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As a child Alnisa loved reading, writing, singing, playing with her siblings and making homemade biscuits with her grandmother Willie Mae Collier.  She now cherishes those memories very dearly and in her latest series remembers her late grandmother as the beacon of strength and wisdom that she was.  Alnisa’s passion for teaching children began at a very young age.  After more than a decade of teaching Sunday school and a lifetime of writing, she brings you the first installment of Al Myers Inspires.  

Alnisa was born in Atlanta, GA where she still lives today with her two very active children!  She continues pursuing her dreams using her children, Nathan Jr and Nadia Elaine, as motivation.  In 2012 she achieved a dream of earning her Master of Arts in Leadership Studies and in 2018 her Master of Business Administration from Shorter University.

Alnisa is happiest when she is reading with her children after dinner; watching them absorb life through optimistic lenses.  A leader in the medical field by day, writer by night, and mother of two 24 hours of each day, Alnisa continues to accomplish her dreams and reach for the stars!

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